COVID Deaths VS Traffic Deaths

In Thailand since Jan 1, 2020

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COVID Deaths VS Traffic Deaths

In Thailand since Jan 1, 2020

COVID Deaths


Traffic Deaths

Today, you are INF times more likely to die in a traffic accident in Thailand than from COVID

* Data updated every 24 hours.
** Traffic Deaths based on WHO data from the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018.

What is the Justification for the Response?

According to the WHO’s Review of Thailand’s Status Against the 12 Global Road Safety Performance Targets, road traffic accidents cost the Thai economy around 6% of GDP each year.

So far, due to the lock-down mandate and the recession it created, Thailand’s economy contracted by more than that in just the first 9 months of 2020. With the full effects of the first lock-down still yet to be felt, and a new “surge” being the excuse for a new round of lock-downs, you need to ask yourself: “Is this lock-down mandated, economic collapse really necessary?”

The effects of the ongoing recession have caused an increase in unemployment, poverty, starvation, bankruptcy, suicides, domestic violence, and plunged the people of Thailand into massive amounts of debt. All over a tiny fraction of the lives lost on Thai roads each year. How can anyone justify what is being done to the country given the above statistics?

Fear is being used as a weapon, and the Thai economy is going to self-destruct under the poor decision-making abilities of its leaders. You are not likely to die from COVID, not even close. You, and all the people around you are however, likely to suffer far more pervasive, ongoing woes due to the poor decisions being made today.

Turn off your TV, stop listening to the fear-mongering in the media. You are being manipulated for the benefit of those in control.